Our Monthly Children’s Magazine

Each month 6th class receive The Primary Planet children’s magazine and 3rd, 4th & 5th class get News Flash. These are Irish magazines written for primary school children. Read some of the interesting things we read about this month below.


Did You Know?

F is for Fossa.They live on the island of Madagascar in the Indian ocean off the coast of Africa. Their tales are very long . They have cubs in December or January.

By Adrina Third class

Everyone can be BFF’S to cats because a hiker was lost in a mountain of snow and a cat arrived and saved the man.

By Rebecca Fourth class.

The Titanic Belfast was voted the best tourist attraction in Europe 2016.

by gerard gallagher 5’th class


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16 Responses to Our Monthly Children’s Magazine

  1. Conor Corley says:

    Paul and Gary o Donovan got a sliver medal at the Olympics 2016.

  2. Heather Duncan says:

    Did You Know…A ginger cat called George has been flown from Sydeny to Dublin to be reunited with Fiona his owner. Fiona was forced to leave George behind when she became ill and had to return home to Ireland earlier this year.

  3. James Kilroy says:

    101-year-old man goes Electric!
    There are now over 1,200 people driving electric cars in Ireland. This is a very small number but hopefully young teens will start driving them soon.

  4. Dylan says:

    Robbie Keane scored 68 times in 146 caps since he made his Ireland debut against Czech Republic in 1998 and went on to be one of Ireland’s best ever players.

  5. ❤️ Grainne ❤️ says:

    BDNF mean brain-derived neturotropic factor. When u play sports or run around use release BDN. It rewires your brain circuits so they can work better.

  6. Shane D says:

    Roald Dahl was a fighter pilot in world war 2.

  7. Gavin Hunt says:

    Man’s New Best Friend.
    People say that ‘Dogs are man’s best friend’ but you could be wrong as there was a story on the Internet about a mysterious cat. Cat’s could be just as good as being man’s BFF.

  8. Hazel Moriarty says:

    Did You Know…That on September 5th Ireland’s first luxury train sleeper train pulled out of Heuston Staion in Dublin at 2:00 pm. The carriges are named after Irish counties-Kildare,Wexford,Sligo,Kerry,Down,Waterford,Letrim,Fermanagh,Donegal and Carlow.

  9. kaite kilroy says:

    Did you know that German is spoken worldwide.
    Did you know there is over 400 zoos in German

  10. ⚽️ Killian⚽️ says:

    In 1961 Down beat Offaly in the all Ireland final before a crowd of 90556❤️⚽️

  11. Gemma Fleming says:

    Did you know? A fisherman discovered a pearl ten years ago. When his house went up in flames he managed to save the pearl he was hiding under his bed for ten years . The pearl was so giant it weighed 34Kg and is worth 100 million dollars
    Gemma Fleming 5th class

  12. Conor Corley says:

    Paul and Gary o Donavan got a sliver medal for rowing at the Olympics.

  13. ⚽️ Conor ⚽️ says:

    Robbie Keane has retired from Ireland soccer. He still plays football for LA Galaxy.

  14. Chloe Kilroy says:

    Did You Know…Roaald Dahl was born in Wales on September 13th 1916 Roaald Dahl liked to write from 10-12 in the morning time and from 4-6 in the afternoon.

  15. Kellie McDomagh says:

    Justin bieber has alot of songs like, Cold water, Company, what do you mean and other songs.

  16. Stephen says:

    On September 19th it’s talk like a picture day it started off obout 20 years ago when 2 friends having a joak .

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