School Improvement Plan 2013 to 2016

This plan is part of the Department of Education’s Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life: The National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy among Children and Young people 2011-2020.
Our school’s plan was created by the school staff by analysing our school tests & teaching observations, in consultation with the school inspector and through parental and child surveys.

Overview of 4 year Literacy plan


  • Improve reading culture
  • Examine different models of team teaching, Assessment for Learning teaching strategies will be developed.
  • Teaching methodologies, in class learning support, Literacy stations, focusing on comprehension, phonics, vocabulary and IT activities
  • Improve positive learning attitudes in pupils.
  • Vocabulary development – personalised dictionaries, literacy on display
  • Whole school English planning – Phonics, handwriting, readers, oral.
  • Improve writing culture in the school through free writing and teaching the writing genres with aid of a writing portfolio.
  • further analysis of the Standardised Test results will be undertaken with the use of the website
Baseline data/evidence
  • Pupils have a positive attitude to their own learning which is well supported at home.
  • Pupils relations are very good which enhances co operative learning strategies to be developed.
  • Staff are willing and enthusiastic to try out different teaching methodologies and new educational programs.
  • Improve reading & writing habits – overuse of class reader, lack of local library membership.
  • All writing genres not been taught and not all the 7 steps of the writing process being taught either.
Year 1  2012/13 – School Self Evaluation –Literacy Review

  • Personalised dictionary were introduced from 1st to 6th class for vocabulary development.
  • Digital Literacy – Interactive White Board software, English, Maths & Science were purchased and implemented.
  • Film In School (FIS) Digital literacy program to be implemented.
  • Physical Education policy reviewed and the Active School Flag programme implemented & achieved integrated with literacy & numeracy through FUNS programme and yard markings etc.
  • Diversify teaching methodologies i.e. in class learning support, active learning, group work, pair work and Assessment for Learning.
Year 2 actions 2013/14
  • Reviewed year1 actions & results.
  • Further development of teaching methodologies including pair work, AFL, team teaching.
  • Digital literacy training on school blog, writing for purpose and school blog was established.
  • Free writing was introduced.
  • 2 of the writing genres were taught – Recount and Procedural writing.
  • Improve reading culture by host a book fair & parents literacy talk.
  • Training for staff in the Discover Primary Science & Maths programme was undertaken during Croke Park Hours in school and along four other local primary school staffs.
  • further analysis of the Standardised Test results with
  • Problem solving in the Numeracy to be focused on with 4th to 6th class through in class learning support and the introduction of the Figure It Out workbook in these classes.
  • Aistear programme to be phased in the junior room with the support of in class learning support.
Year 3 actions 2014/15
  • Review year2 actions & results
  • Numeracy to be reviewed and changes identified and addressed.
  • Parents numeracy board game playing afternoon to be held over the winter months.
  • English and Maths policy will be reviewed and ratified by BOM.
  • Purchase of additional software for the Interactive Whiteboards – Bua na Cainte (Junior Room).
  • Review of whole school Oral English and Phonics policy.
  • Science will be reviewed.
  • Discover Primary Science and Maths programme will be implemented.
  • A writing portfolio will be introduced from 1st class to 6th class for the writing process focusing on a different genre each month. This portfolio will used for assessment of children’s writing development through these years.
  • Aistear programme to be implemented in the junior room.
  • Library visit may be arranged to support a positive reading culture.
Year 4 actions 2015/16
  • Review year 3 actions
  • Positive and Negative
  • What worked well.
  • Review year 2 Micra T results
  • Active School Blue Flag to be renewed.



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