Gods and Goddesses


Did you know that there are 12 main olypum Gods?

 The king God is called Zues god of thunder and lightning he also has two brothers called Hades and Posiden.

Hades is God of the underworld.

The rainbow Goddess is called Iries.

Hermes is the messenger of the Gods, people say that he is the only person to have got out of the underworld alive,.

The Goddess  Athena is the Goddess of wisdom and battle stardgery .

The goddess Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and lady of the doves.

The Goddess Demeter is the farming and crops.

The God Hades kidnapped the Goddess Persthone from her mother Demeter and because Demeter was so upset the crops wouldnt grow so that is why we have winter.

The Goddess Aphrodite is really the oldest olyimpin because she was born when cronuos killed his father and she rose from the sea on a seashell while he was dying.

The God Posiden is famues for being moody.

The Goddess Iries is said to be famous for helping deimgods.



Posiden is God of the Ocean.

Zues wife is called Hera Godess of marrige and of young women.

Zues and Hera had two kids together Ares and Hepestes they are Gods of War and Craftmenseft.

The other Gods are called Hermes Athena Artemas Apollo  and Aphrodite.



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