Science Week 2014

Here are some of the experiments we did for Science Week 2014

Gráinne explored the different forms that water can take.

today we were looking at the water cycle in our experiment to see that some liquids are denser then others EXAMPLE: honey moves slower then water.





Kinetic Energy by Hazel

First you get two balls a tennis ball and a basketball they have to be unbalanced our it wouldn’t work.First we put a hand about halfway between the basketball and the table. We asked would it go higher or lower and it was then the hand. Second we put the hand halfway again this time we bounced the tennis ball and it went lower then halfway. So we asked how can we get the tennis ball to go higher then halfway. Then we put the tennis ball on top of the basketball and we dropped it and the ball went much higher then halfway. This happened because of kinetic energy. The reason is because when we dropped the basketball with the tennis ball on top the basketball bounced but passed mots of its energy into the tennis ball that’s why it went a lot then halfway. This is called kinetic energy.




Homemade parachute

Michelle’s experiment was all about air resistance. Gravity push the parachute downwards and when the parachute opened the parachute slowed down. Air resistance is where the air builds up in the parachute and it slows down the parachute so the person gets a soft landing.


Yesterday we did an experiment with flour and water and food colouring then we put 15 spoonfuls of water into the flour.







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  1. dermot dillon says:

    our fav experiment was Dylan’s and Grainnes 🙂 B) dani and grainne

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