St. Colman’s Parents’ Association Policy 2014

This Policy form part of St. Colman’s Parental Involvement. Reviewed in November 2014 by the staff and Parent Association.

The school has an active Parents’ Association which promotes the well being of the school. The activities of the Parents’ Association provide an organised forum through which parents can make a positive contribution to their children’s education.

The Parents’ Association plays an important part in the life of the school and supports the school in every way. All parents are encouraged to become involved in the Parents’ Association and to support the activities and projects that are a feature of our school.

The new committee of the Parents’ Association is elected at a General Meeting of the Parents’ Association which is held at the beginning of the year. The Parents’ Association is affiliated to the National Parents Council. Every second year the Parents’ Association elects a committee.
A list of committee members is sent to all parents.

• The Parents’ Association holds regular meetings in the school.
• The Principal and / or teachers representative may attend the meeting.
• The Parents’ Association, in consultation with the Principal, organise various fundraising activities throughout the year.
• The Parents’ Association has a written constitution.
• The Parents’ Association undertake a programme of activities, which will promote the involvement of parents/guardians and which will support students, parents and teachers. In planning its activities, the Parents’ Association shall consult with the Principal.
• The Parents’ Association should consult with the B.O.M. about fundraising for the school or school projects. The approval of the B.O.M. is needed before these funds are raised. The expenditure of these funds is by the B.O.M. in consultation with the Parents’ Association.

Signed: Fr. Martin Henry (Chairperson B.O.M.)

Date: 4th December 2014.

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