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If using at home select Ireland for the country and Input 25F7 into Org ID.

Then enter your unique user name and password to access the Scholastic Learning Library of ebooks and the Reading Pro to complete a quiz on books read.

Scholastic Reading Pro helps teachers assess children’s reading ability, motivate children to read more, and track reading achievement. Scholastic Reading Pro is a powerful information-gathering system that assesses students’ reading levels and matches them to the right books, putting them on the path to becoming successful readers. The programme connects assessment to instruction by providing teachers with immediate actionable data and students with personalised reading plans. Our school is one of only two schools selected in the country to trail the innovative Scholastic Reading Pro this year 2015/2016.

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Scholastic Literacy Pro is powered by the Lexile® Framework for Reading

The Lexile Framework finds the right books for students by measuring readers and texts on the same scale

Lexile measures are the global standard in reading assessment and are accurate for all ages, including first and second language learners