Rugby World Cup 2015


In the senior room we all have drawn a team in the ruby world cup and we are researching about the country.

Here are some links to help you research qualify information on your country.


Wales by Stephen

The country Wales is part of the United Kingdom and of island of Great Britain.

Wales is called Cymru in Welsh

Cardiff is the largest city and also the capital of Wales.

Snowdon or (yrwyddfa) is the highest peak in Wales at 1085m (3560ft)

42% of the South Wales coastline is designated as ” HERITAGE COAST “.

Wales was ruled by England from the year 1284.

Only 21% of Wales people can speak Welsh.

The country of Wales is said to contain more castles per square mile than any other country in the world.

Wales is often called the “the land of song” because of its harpists,male choirs and solo artist .

Rugby is seen as the national sport .Cardiffs millennium stadium has the largest retractable roof of any stadium in the world.

Samoa by Hazel

The people of Samoa( The Polynesians) are related to the New Zealanders the Maoris. The first European to visit Tutuialla and Upolo was the Dutchman Jacob Roggeveen in 1722, but Savaii was not discovered until 1787. the rainfall is very heavy especially from December to March, when hurricanes sometimes accour. In Samoa the sports they play there are Ruby Union, Samoan cricket, netball and volleyball. About 33,000 people live in the capital Apia.  The main Islands are volcanic , and although no longer active, much of Savaii (one of the three islands that make up Samoa) cannot be cultivated because it is covered with lava.


USA by Dylan

The capital city of America is Washington D.C. The white house is in Washington D.C home to the president Barrack Obama.They speak 2 languages English and Spanish.The population is 295,734,000.America is the 3rd biggest countries in the world after Russia and China.Their currency is US dollar.The flag has 52 stars because there is 52 states and the 13 lines for the 13 colony’s.The longest river is the Mississippi river and the highest mountain is mount McKinley.The USA rugby teams nickname is The Eagles.Their coach is Mike Tolkin.Their captain is Chris Wyles. Their most capped player is mike McDonald 67 caps.Their largest win is USA 91-0 Barbados.Their largest defeat is England 106-8 USA. They have qualified for six of the seven world cups.They are ranked 16th in the world.The furthest they have came in the world was 16th at the 2011 world cup.COME ON USA.


Italy By Jack

The capital of Italy is Rome. The President of Italy is called Sergio Mattarella. Italy take part in the six nations rugby tournament and play against France, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Italy is a long boot shaped country. Italians like Soccer,Cycling and Motor Racing. Children must attend school between the age of 6 and 14. Many farmers rent their land but there are laws to protect them from Eviction. Italy fought on the same side as England and France in world war 1. Painting is the art for which Italy is best known and the greatest of all sculptors was Michelangelo. Italy is the worlds largest exporter of wine. Italy is probably richer than any other country in its artistic treasures. These attract millions of foreign visitors every year.LETS GO ITALY


             Canada By Gemma

Canada is the second largest country in the world.The population of Canada is 25 million people! In a street in the city of Quebec there are ice sculptures during the annual winter carnival.There is almost 600,ooo native people who came to Canada.Half a million people in Canada speak German.Another half a million people speak Ukrainian.Canada is often called  A land of future.


South Africa by Killian 

The key man on the South Africa team is Eben Etzebeth. South Africa have won the webb EllIS Cup  twice in 1991 and 2007 .The are over 35 million people live in South Africa .Almost  3 quarters of them are black africans .South Africa is a rich country . Nelson mandela was the first black president of  South Africa .He spent 27 years in prison trying to over throw the pro a patheid goverment .After he left prison he worked to achieve human rights for every person.


Uruguay by Kellie

URUGUAY , the smallest of the ten south American republics , is only 500 kilometers  310   miles  from north to south. URUGUAY has no mountains but is a fairly hilly country, with many strems and rivers. It TAKES

Australia by Rebecca

Australia lies in the south pacific Ocean, on the opposite side of the world from Europe. Officially the country is known as the Commonwealth of Australia.

Argentina by Shane

Argentina can be divided into four major regions;the Andes Mountains the north the pampas and Patagonia . Sizable rivers flow across Argentina . The north east is drained by the Paraguay in the north east is also the Uruguay witch forms. Argentina’s border with both Uruguay and Brazil.

New Zealand by Gavin Hunt

Every time before New Zealand play a rugby match they do this crazy war dance called the Haka. There are two parts of New Zealand one part is called the north island and the other part is called the south island. Sometimes all the New Zealand people tattoo themselves and make Maori masks. New Zealand is 1,500 kilometers or 932 miles from Australia. The kiwi lives in the forests of New Zealand. Since it cannot fly, it does not need the strong and stiff feathers, most birds have. Its feathers look more like shaggy fur.


  Namibia is situated in Africa and its neighboring countries are Botswana South Africa Angola Zambia and Zimbabwe.Namibia’s


languages; include English German and their indigenous languages are Nama Osbivambo and Hereno.

RUGBY;Their nickname is welwitches and their grounds are Hage Geinagob rugby stadium with their couch as Phil Davis witch is welsh.Their captain is Jacques burger and most captained player is Eugene jantijies(40) with most tries by gerhard Mans(27)

History; From 1884 to the end of world war 1 Namibia was as German colony.When it became part of south Africa it was in united nations order.In 1990 Namibia became independent with the work of Sam Nujoma the Presindent of Swapo.

General;In Namibia its composey to go to school is free from ages of 7-16.Namibia produces karkual sheep [from wicht is persian sheep skins come from] and also diamonds.  


The President of Ireland is Michael D Higgins. He lives in Áras an uachtaráin. The Taoiseach of Ireland is Enda Kenny. The largest county is Cork and the smallest is Louth. The Easter Rising of 1916 was one of the most important events in history of modern Ireland. There were key members of the IRB and they are padraig pearse tom Clarke Joseph plunkett Eamnam Cant and Sean Mac diarmada.IRFU stands for Irish Rugby Football Union and we are ranked third in the world. Brian O’ Drisscol (BOD) is our most capped player ever with 133 caps. Ronan O’Gara is our all time top scorer with 1,083. Brian O’Drisscol has the most tries with 46. Our captain is Paul O’Connell. Our coach is Joe Schmidt from New Zealand. We have won the six nations 3 times 2009, 2014 and 2015. The Irish Independent is Ireland’s best selling newspaper. The Book of Kells   is in Trinity College in Dublin. Sinn Féin was founded by Arthur grittith. Our main sport is GAA which stands for Gaelic Athletics association. Kerry has won the most All-Ireland Gaelic Finals and Kilkenny won the most hurling titles. Dublin won the Gaelic this year and Kilkenny have won the Hurling. By Dylan Gráinne and Jack. COME ON IRELAND.


 Romania’s children have to attend school between the ages of 6 and 16 its the law.  One third of the people in Romania live by farming the chief crops are maize, wheat and potatoes.  Salt is mined in the lower Transylvania.  The main exports from Romania are machinery, transport equipment, petroleum products and chemials. Romania have no monarch as they are a republic counteryHungray conquered Transylvania in the 11th centry.The longest river in Rmanis is Danube and the highest mountain is Moldveana.  The currency is the Leu.  The capital is Bucharest and the population is 22,247,000. Wow that is a lot of people.  Romania’s nehbouring countries are Bulgaria, Hungray, Moldveane Ukrane and Serbia.  they speak German, Romanian, Solvaik and Russain.