Procedure Writing

Experiment: Homemade lava lamp

Aim: To explore the density of three objects.

Materials: Oil, food colouring, salt and tall clear container.

Procedure:1. Almost fill the container with water.
2. Put some food colouring in the water not to much.
3. Pour some oil into the container.
4. Put some salt in the container.

Conclusion: First we put in the food colouring and the water changed red then we put in the oil and it stayed at the top. Then we put the salt in and it went to the bottom and it made bubbles of oil.

By Killian Gallagher and Dylan Carney



Quidditch      By Dylan Carney

Introduction: Quidditch is a wizard game where you can fly. There are 7 players on a team.

Equipment: broomstick to fly around the pitch

Blugders to knock people over

Golden snitch catch it and your team wins the game

Quaffle the ball the chasers try and score with

Six hoops the chasers shoot into

Bats beaters use a bat to hit the Blugders

Players: Keeper trys to stop the Quaffle going into the hoop

Chasers throw the Quaffle into the hoops

Beaters stop the Blugders hit their teammates

Harrys position is a seeker he has to catch the snitch to win the game

Instructions: The aim of the game is to catch the snitch and throw the Quaffle into the hoops

Conclusion: I would play as a chaser because I would like to fly and shoot

Quidditch is similar to basketball because you throw the ball into the hoop and it’s also like soccer and Gaelic because you can pass, shoot and catch and you can get seourisly injured because you could fall down from a long way up.

Quidditch is different to most games because there is 6 hoops and 3 balls.