Narrative Writing 2015/2016

Ryan Wilson A Dream Come True


Ryan Wilson was 15  years old and thought  he would never make  to professional football. Ryan was born in 1991 in Ballyshanon co.Donegal. He had been playing for Finn Harps since he was five. One day he came back from a game his mother told him that Leicester City wanted him to play a trial. Ryan couldn’t believe his mom. His mom and dad told him that he has to come into the living room. In the  living the Leicester City manager Claudio Raineri was sitting down having a cup of tea.  Ryan favourite team was Leicester City and he could be playing for them it was a dream come true.

At the trial Ryan scored 4 and assisted 5. He was proud of himself. He had made the team. Ryan was so happy. The Leicester youth manger said Ryan’s fast, skilful and a good finisher. He would train every second day. He made his debut for Leicester when he was 16. Making him the youngest player ever to play for Leicester. He scored the perfect hat trick one with his left, right and his head. He was awarded man of the match. At the end of the season he won premier league young player of the year after he scored 15 and assisted 13 in 30 games. After 6 years at Leicester he played 200 games and scored 171 and assisted 69. Ryan gets an offer to join Bayern Munich but didn’t  know what he’s going to do. He talks to his agent Mick o Reilly about leaving. Mick said go with your heart. Ryan has made he’s decision. He’s going to play for Bayern Munich.

Ryan Wilson  joined Bayern Munich for 65 million. On his debut for Munich he got 5 assists. Two day later he got his 100th cap for Ireland. In the 100 caps he got 51 goals. At the end of the year he won Ballon dor beating Anthony Martial and Neymar. In 2023 he scored 61 goals and assisted 24. At the end of the year he won the Bundesliga and the champions league. Ryan won the ballon dor the next two years in a row.

In 2026 the World cup was being held in Ireland this year. Ryan is now 24 years old and he is pumped for the World cup. In Irelands group there is Nigeria, Holland and Belgium. Ireland won all of their games. Ryan scored 3 and assisted 1 and got 2 motm awards. In the last 16 they were playing Argentina. The game was 0-0 til the 94th minute. Ryan got the ball and started running no-one was going to catch him today. He nutmegged one defender and then did three stepovers over another defender before scoring. His shot hit off the crossbar and went in. In quarter finals Ireland are playing Spain. The game ended 1-1 after extra time. Ryan scored an excellent bicycle. The game had to go to penalties. Ryan scored a paneka penalty where you chip the ball and it goes in the back of the net. Ireland won 4-2. Ireland were through to the semi-finals of the World cup. Irelands captain Shane Long got injured in training. The Ireland boss Robbie Keane gave  Ryan the captains armband.  He couldn’t believe this was happening. Ireland were playing Brazil. Brazil were a great team and they had great players like Neymar, Willian, Coutino and Thiago Sliva. Ireland went 3-0  down. They just couldn’t keep up with their skill, speed and passing. Neymar scored 2 and Willian scored a sublime free kick. It was half time and Ireland were losing 3-0. At half time Robbie Keane didn’t say anything he just opened the dressing room door and all of the Irish fans were singing Fields of Atherny. In the second half Ireland were a changed team. Ryan’s pace, skills and crossing were too much for Brazil. He got 3 assists to bring the game level. There was a free kick for Ireland after James Mclean was fouled. There was seconds left in the in the game. Ryan was going to take the free. Ryan scored the free kick. He couldn’t believe it went in. Ireland were in the World cup. The final was played in the Aviva Stadium. Ryan was going to captain Ireland in a world cup final. They would be playing England. The world cup final was 0-0 at half time. In the second half both teams hit the woodwork. Ryan was creating chances left, right and centre but his teammates couldn’t take them. Ryan got the ball dribbled past 5 players before scoring. Ireland had won the world cup 1-0 thanks to their captain Ryan Wilson. As he went up to get the world cup he got a standing ovation from the fans.  would never forget this. Ryan got player of the tournament. He scored 7and assisted 4. He was proud of himself.

Ryan spent another 5 years at Bayern Munich. In those 5 years he won 4 ballon dors. Ryan has now scored 310 goals in 345 games for Bayern Munich. Ryan left Bayern Munich to join 139m making him the world’s most expensive player. In Ryan’s first 10 games he scored 15 goals. He was part of the best attack in Europe alongside Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The three amigos have already scored 50 goals between them. At the end of the season he scored 60 goals and assisted 24. Wilson, Ronaldo and Messi scored 170 goals between them. The next season Ryan got his sixth ballon dor. He left PSG to go back to his beloved Leicester City. Ryan scored 115 goals in 100 games. Ryan spent the next 6 years at Leicester. He played 700 games for Leicester. Scoring 590 goals. He is their all-time top goal scorer and has made the most appearances for the club. Ryan Wilson was Leicester City all time legend.

Ryan goes back to Ireland to play for Finn Harps to give something back to the club that started his illustrious career . He is now 37 years old. He wins the league title and makes the Irish league more competitive. He retries when he is 42 years old. Ryan Wilson will go down as one of the best players ever to play football.

By Dylan Carney 5th class

Trip to Greece and Rome


Travis had been going out with Melisa for three years nowTravis decided to surprise Melisa by bringing her on a cruise ship to Greece and Rome because they both loved the Greek and Rome myths and legends. So he arranged for a taxi to pick them up at six the following Wednesday to take them to the docks.

The following Wednesday at six Travis and Melisa boarded the Cruise ship that would take them to Rome.  Melisa was speechless ‘’ this is amazing’’ she managed to say at last.  A little later Travis told her that this was only the beginning.  A few days later they arrived at Rome.  First they went to the Coliseum to see were the gladiators fought. Then they went to the little Tiber which is rumoured to host the river God Terminus.  After a few days enjoying the sights and reading up on all the myths Travis decided it was time to head for Greece.

When they finished up in Rome they headed for the ship.  When they got there no one was there the whole ship and its crew had dispersed.  Melisa was nearly in tears.  She feared that their trip had been ruined.  Suddenly a Jet appeared out of nowhere they quickly took cover from the wind created by the Jets propellers.  When they came out of there cover they saw the weirdest sight ever a group of people dressed in the strangest clothes ever. ‘Oh my God you’re the Avengers’’ Melisa exclaimed in shock.   ‘’Yes we are the Avengers’’ replied Iron Man a.k.a Tony Stark.  ‘’ What are you doing in  Rome?’’ asked Travis curiously. ‘’We were on vacation but then we were told we had to go on a mission while over hear’’ said Captain America a.k.a Steve Rodgers.  ‘’ What mission are you on?’’ asked Travis and Melisa. ‘’ We have to recruit a boy and a girl called Travis Stoll and Melisa Chase because they have special powers the girl can control and manipulate water and the boy can control the winds we really want them to join the Avengers as we think that they could be a really valuable member of the team’’ said Black Widow a.k.a Natasha Romanov.  ‘’ We are Travis Stoll and Melisa Chase and how did you find out about our powers’’ asked Travis and Melisa.  ‘’We found out through our boss Nick Fury’’ said Falcon a.k.a Sam Wilson.  ‘’ Will you join the Avengers then’’ asked Ant Man a.k.a Scott Lang.  ‘’ We will join the Avengers but we have one condition’’ began Travis ‘’ anything to get you to join the Avengers said Spider man a.k.a Peter Parker.  ‘’ As I was saying you have to give us a lift to Greece since our ship is missing said Melisa.  ‘’ Ok’’ said the Scarlet Witch a.k.a Wanda Maximoff.

‘’All aboard that’s going aboard’’ said Vision previously known as Jarvis.  ‘’ All right all right hold your horses we’re coming’’ muttered Travis almost to himself.  ‘’ Don’t mind Vision he has Tonys impatience and good sense of humour’’ said Hawkeye a.k.a Clint Barton.  ‘’ Is Tony as good a brainiaic as the media makes out to be? ‘’ Asked Melisa almost doubtfully ‘’ Unfortunly yes he is as big of a nerd as the media makes him out to be also’’ replied War Machine a.k.a James Rhodey ‘’oh by the way say hi to Black Panther and The Winter Solider’’.  ‘’ Hi there ‘said Travis and Melisa together ‘’ Hi right back at you’’ said Bucky Barnes and Black Panther.  ‘’ Right lets head for Greece then’’ said Widow and Stark at the same time.

When they arrived at Greece they saw screaming crowds starring at them word must have leaked out about the Avengers heading for Greece and were waiting for them to arrive.  So Travis and Melisa decided it was time to use their powers so Melisa moved to the Water so that it covered the whole Quinjet and nobody could see them then Travis used the winds to push them up into the sky and used the breeze to speed them to their destination.  The Avengers didn’t realise that Travis and Melisa were the ones who controlled the sea and the winds to hurry them along.   ‘’ So thank you for the ride here and not complaining one bit and we hope to see you again soon’’ said Travis and Melisa together.  ‘’Oh we will see each other again soon you are both Avengers now so we will be working on mission together really soon’’ said Rodgers.  Enjoy your holiday from now on ‘’ Vision said to them.  ‘’Thank you we will’’ Melisa and Travis said in sync.  When they reached their hotel they got a big shock the Avengers were standing outside their hotel.  ‘’ What are you doing here’’ they asked ‘’ I was so stupid I was going to ask you to stay with us in our hotel’’ said Tony with a grin at them.  They were shell-shocked ‘’ we didn’t except this we will have to consider it’’ said Travis.  ‘’ I’m sorry about this said Wanda as she used her powers to knock them out.  ‘’ Ugh’’ said Vision ‘’ that’s going to leave a bruise’’.  ‘’ That’s nothing we litterly went through hell and barley made it out only each other kept us sane’’ said Travis as he came back to reality ‘’ How in the name of God did you come back to so quickly that was enough power to knock you both out for a day and Wanda’s powers never fall unless you have been through much worse…’’ Toney faltered when he saw the murderess look in Travis’s eyes ‘’ and we have been through much worse did you not hear what I said about being through hell’’ asked Travis ‘’ we thought you were joking when you had been through hell’’ said Natasha ‘’ Do I look like I was joking’’ bellowed Travis and then they saw Melisa wake up and they watched as Melisa tried to came him down so he would not kill the Avengers with his sword otherwise known as Riptide.

When they got back to New York they invited the Avengers to their wedding as it was because of the Avengers that they were able to get to Greece.  And the Avengers happily excepted after the wedding Travis and Melisa told the Avengers that they couldn’t tell anyone about what they were going to see.  ‘’We promise’’ said the Avengers in sync. Then Travis and Melisa told them that the Greek Gods were real and they were children of the Gods and that they had special powers.  Melisa has a daughter of Poseidon God of the Sea and the Earth shaker she had control over water and could conjure earthquakes at her will she could also move water with her mind, talk to horses and ocean animals, breathe under water, walk on water and heal herself and others if she sprays water on their cut and she holds a part of their body.  Then Travis told them that he was the son of Zeus and could control lightning and ride the winds Travis demonstrated his powers by flying around the room and picking up the Avengers using the wind he also summoned a few lightning bolts as well.  ‘’Alright we believe you’’ the Avengers said at last they did look a sorry sight so Travis used to the wind to dry them because Melisa had soaked them using her powers. ‘’ Good about time you believe us’’ said Melisa trying to conceal her laughter because she had called a crab to go in each of their hair and when the Avengers finally noticed they all started screaming and Bruce started hulking out until Travis calmed him down.  ‘’ We were told to recruit two people called Travis and Melisa Stoll and we think that you are those two people because we were told that they had special powers and could control water and breathe under water and the other could summon lightning and ride the winds’’ said T’Challa.  ‘’ Do you want to join the Avengers then’’ said Pietro whom the Avengers had used alien blood to bring back to life and he and Wanda had been reunited and they were both valuable members of the Avengers team.  They decided to go out and see if Travis and Melisa liked shawarma because the Avengers lived for shawarma and if they didn’t they were instantly kicked of the team.  After the Avengers were half-way through their shawarma Melisa turned pale and ran out into the alley and when the rest of the team came out they found her engaged in battle with a giant ‘’ Polybotes you just never give up do you? I beat you in Rome with my memories LOST I beat you in Tartarus when I was half dead and then I beat you in Greece and you lost because the GODS descended and we won. Now give UP!’’ yelled Melisa.  ‘’ NEVER I will beat you this time as you have no God with you’’ bellowed Polybotes ‘’ on the contrary you will find that she does have a God on her side’’ said Thor as he landed next to her ‘’ no Travis I have to do this myself’’ said Melisa as Travis tried to run up to her but she blocked him with a wall of water they quickly made mincemeat of Polybotes and then Melisa said something into Travis’s ear which made him burst out laughing ‘’ Yes that is his new nickname Poly’’ said Travis and they both started laughing again.  In the end Travis and Melisa joined the Avengers and helped in the battle against Ultron and the civil war between the Avengers found them with Captain America.  They sided with Cap because they wanted to protect their identities and keep the Greek and Roman Camps safe and make sure that no one found out about the Gods being real and the Demi Gods were not hunted to extinction as they had been around for thousands of years and they wanted to survive for a couple more millennia.  In the end the Avengers got back together and Travis and Melisa went back to Camp Half Blood were Pietro was hiding waiting to grab them and bring them to Avengers Tower ‘’ God that’s an ugly tower’’ said Travis when he saw the Tower momentarily forgetting that the creator of said Tower was in the car and was turning red and trying to control his temper.  ‘’Welcome to Avengers Tower’’ the Avengers said in sync ‘’ Thank you but we will be staying in our own apartment’’ said Melisa ‘’ Sorry but that’s not allowed our boss said so’’ said Toney and quickly and fired a blast from his repulsor ray but then they did the in possible… they dodged the blast!  ‘’ How did you do that the only person who dodge my blasts is Pietro’’ exclaimed Tony in surprise.  ‘’Tell us who your boss is and maybe we will tell you how we dodged the blast’’ shouted Travis angry because the blast had skinned Melisa.  After he had asked Tony who was his boss he took out a square of ambrosia and gave it to her ‘’I have my own supply’’ she muttered Travis grinned at her ‘’ I took it from you supply drink some nectar and it will make you feel better’’ he retorted ‘’ they argue like an old married couple’’ said Tony discreetly ‘’ we are not married yet’’ Travis said and them Melisa challenged Thor to a duel against her ‘’ I will hold back because I don’t want to hurt you’’ said Thor ‘’ Alright but it will get you killed because I will not go easy on you just because you are a God I have fought Ares and won I challenged the Titian Atlas and won because I took on the weight of the sky so Artemis could be free I fell into Tartarus when Gwen ( Gwen is the daughter of Athena and she had to find the Athena Parthenos and return it safely) found the Athena Parthenos and she almost fell in herself but I pulled her out of the way and then I fell in and Travis feel in trying to pull me up’’ said Melisa at the end of her speech Thor lay at her feet in a coma. Thor woke up five minutes later as he was a god so comas didn’t last as long for him.  ‘’ Show off’’ muttered Wanda. ‘’ Alright Nick Fury is our boss’’ said T’Challa.   ‘’ Alright now that the introductions are over and done with can I introduce you to my girlfriend and Avengers Towers Head Chief Pepper Potts’’ said Tony grandly as a woman walked in ‘’ Hi welcome to Avengers Tower and I apologise for this idiot over here he has the biggest ego ever’’ said Pepper good naturally ‘’ That’s ok we have someone like him at this Camp we go to so we know how to deal with people like him’’ said Melisa ‘’ How?’’ said Wanda ‘’Like this’’ said Melisa has she had gone to the Roman Camp and had perfected her wolf stare thanks to Lupa ‘’ wow that’s has to be a very scary wolf stare as not even Tasha’s is that scary…’’ Clint faltered as Melisa turned her wolf stare on him and made him nearly wet himself with fright it was way better then Natasha’s and she made Nick Fury scared and he was the director of S.H.E.I.L.D and a level ten spy at that.  Then three months later Travis and Melisa finally decided that it was time to tell the Avengers and Fury about their adventures a week later they were just finishing on how the rest of their team mates were killed against Gaea and how they both had uncontrollable flashbacks of Tartarus and the pain down there.  And the only way to control them was for them to sleep together but the flashbacks slowly but gradually went away for good.  ‘’ We may have lost a family in the war but we moved on and now we have another family… The Avengers’’ Travis and Melisa said together and everybody cheered happily.  As it was true they were like a big happy family including Fury even if he can be a bit of a pain sometimes. Travis and Melisa fought with the Avengers many times and were always happy to help out and save the world again. They did have days off as well though.

The End By Hazel Moriarty 5th class


One day there was a girl called Molly and a boy called Paul,they are getting married .Holly a Daisy are the bridesmaids . Molly and Paul have to book the church , Priest , Hotel , Band , Car , Music , Honeymoon , Photographer , Video man , Disco man , Bed rooms , Seating plan , Table decor , Make up , Manicure , Tanning stuido , Hairdressers and a cake to .

Monday Molly had to go to the Jewelry shop in Sligo on Sunday . When she got there she went in and asked could she look at some wedding rings for her wedding soon. The lady behind the counter said acorss take your time and look around . Molly saw some nice one’s . She picked a lovely gold ones for her and Paul , she also got her chain bracelet & earings .

Tuesday morning Molly and Paul were making the booklet’s for the wedding . They have invited 325 people to the wedding .

Wedsnday morning paul went to the post office to post their invitations. Molly , Holly and Daisy went shopping for there dresses.Molly was hopping that she could get blue dresses for the to bridesmaid’s and a nice sparcly dress for herself.

Thursday the bridesmaid’s got there dresses and Molly got her nice sparcly long lace dress .she also got sparcly shoes to match her dress and got white shoes and hair piece for the two bridesmaids.Then they went to a reaustrant nearby for something to eat after the long day shopping in Dublin .

Friday night Molly’s friends and family ladies went to Dublin on Molly’s hen night. They done a tour of Dublin town . They went past the GPO (WHICH STANDS FOR GENERAL POST OFFICE) after that they went to the pub for a few drinks.

Saturday 306 people replied that week , now they were getting really excited for the wedding in one week .

It is the last day Molly and Paul will see each other until next week the day of the wedding . They were getting really nervous.Molly was going to her mother and fathers house to get ready for the wedding and Paul was going to his mother and fathers . They were getting ready for the big day in a few days .

It was the day of the wedding.Molly , Holly and Daisy was getting their hair done at the house as well as there make up and the manicure. They were putting there shoes jewelry and dresses on , Molly was putting her tiara and veil on .

Molly gave her mother her bouquet . Molly’s mother said “thankyou very much” when the bridesmaid’s were dressed they went down to the sitting room and showed Molly’s parent’s Fergus and Aoife while molly was putting her dress on . Molly was ready she came downstairs and showed them all her dress . Everyone said that it was gorgeous so was her hair and everting else .

When they were all ready they went outside and got some pictures .”It was getting cold “said Daisy.Then they went inside and got some more pictures with family.

It was time to go to the church. They were going in KIA sportage cars to the church in strandhill and venue in co.Sligo.

They went to the church , Paul and the groomsmen called David , Lee and Patrick were there already. When the bridesmaids and Molly were walking up the ile Eunice Moran sang

Paul gave Molly a silver ring .The ceremony was over .while the mass was on Paul’s friends put blue ribbon’s on all the cars .316 people went to the Mass.
When everyone came out of the church Paul and Molly got pictures with family and friends.
Then they were going to a forest in co.Sligo.

They got the pictures , now they are going to the receptio.The hotel is called the Radisson hotel outside Sligo town on your way to Rossespoint .All the 316 people went to the hotel but a few more people came .

When everyone came there names were on little labels . There was a big table up this top of the room .then there was all sweets on a table,food on a table and the dinners Turkey and Ham , Samon or Beef.

After that the bride and groom walked in .Everyone stared cheering and clapping. They walked up to the to were they were sitting with the Bridesmaids called Holly , Daisy and the groomsmen called Patrick David and Lee.

Everyone got there food .




Trapped In The Outback 

Kyle Stewart woke up in the back of a strange car. There were two men in the front of the car. One of them said to the other “we’re dealing with a rich family so we can ask for a high amount of ransom money.” Kyle tried to open the door but it was locked. The driver said “I’m going outside to get some reception” “Yah I need some fresh air” Said the other. When they got out they forgot to lock the door. After a minute Kyle got out quietly and ran for it. Kyle ran for about 10 minutes before sitting down for a break. Then it hit him, he was in the Outback.

Kyle took a minute to calm himself before standing up. When he stood up he saw a bag on the ground. He looked inside and saw food, tools and a big knife. He knew they would be handy. When he looked in the bottom of the bag he couldn’t believe his eyes there was a phone in it. He pulled it out and tried to remember the number of his parents. When he was sure it was the right number he went to dial it in but the phone was dead. He was very disappointed. Then he realized how hungry he was. He started to make a fire and made a spit out of sticks. He got some raw meat from a cow he killed and put it on the spit.

He looked in the other pockets of the bag and found a compass and some sweets. He knew he had travel west but he wasn’t sure how far west. When he lined up the compass he put out the fire with a bucket he found in a stream. He packed his stuff and headed west. When he started walking he had to cut through trees with the knife. It was awful sharp. He continued walking and bar out of the bag and started eating it. He was worried he’d die out here.  Then he saw an old shack in the distance he thought he was hallucinating. He ran over to it. There was a bed, some clothes and a Bunsen burner. He heated up some meat on the Bunsen burner ate it and went to bed. He was happy to finally get a real bed and fresh clothes. He went straight to sleep.

The next day he sat up and ate some stale bread and drank some water. He was full of energy from the sleep, the food and drink. He gathered his stuff and set off walking west. He was getting bored when he saw a herd of wild cows. He hid behind a bush to think of a plan to kill one of them.

When the plan was ready he put it into action. He threw a stone in the middle of the herd and when they ran in different directions he jumped out at the nearest calf and slit its throat with the knife.

When his plan was done he made another fire to cook the meat. He started skinning the calf and put some meat on the fire. When it was ready he sat down and ate. It was very juicy and tender. When he was finished he continued walking. He had to start cutting through trees again. When he came to a clearing there infront of him was a spring.

He couldn’t believe it he put down his bag and jumped in. it felt so good. When he got out he heard some rustling in the trees. Then a pack of dingos jumped out. Kyle grabbed his stuff and ran for it. He was thinking was thinking of where to hide. He was getting tired he saw a bush. He jumped in before the dingos saw him.

When the coast was clear he ran for it.  When he stopped at the rocks for a break he turned around ad looking straight at him was the dingos from before. They had tracked his scent. Then in the distance he heard what sounded like a car “oh no” he thought. “If I get away from the dingos the kidnappers will get me again.”

Kyle didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t climb the rock because it was to smooth. He was too tired to run. He wouldn’t be able to fight them. Then he remembered the knife. He started looking for it. That’s when he saw it on the ground behind the dingos. When they were about to pounce he heard a gunshot being fired into the air. It frightened all the dingos away. Then standing   there gun in hand was a tall man “Hello” said the man “I’m Irwin you must be Kyle there’s a search part out looking for you.” “How did you get out here” Kyle asked. “In my jeep” replied Irwin revealing a black land rover. Irwin got in and said. “Hop in and I’ll tell you everything you missed”   On the way back Irwin told Kyle that the kidnappers were caught and sentenced to 23 years in prison.

When he got out of the jeep his mother ran over to him. Then everyone went inside and had a feast. When Kyle went to bed that night he went straight to sleep. It was the most terrifying week of his life




By Jack Kilroy 6th class