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  1. Oisin says:

    Josh’s problem
    “Well Josh any craic” I called loudly
    “No what about you?” mumbled Josh
    “No! Look here’s Shane” I told Josh
    “Howdy boys” Shane shouted across to us
    “Not too bad and you?” we called back in unison
    “Sound now” Shane replied
    “Are you going to the match on Saturday” I asked Josh
    “No” replied Josh crossly
    “Why not” I enquired curiously
    “I don’t want to now butt out” he shouted and ran off angrily
    “What’s wrong with him?” asked Shane
    “No idea” I replied concerned
    “We have too find out” Shane told me
    Later that day at break
    “Josh how come your not going on Saturday?” I enquired
    “I already told you too BUTT OUT” he roared
    “No tell me” I shouted back
    “Leave me alone” he roared crossly
    “Now lads what’s going on here” enquired Mr Dillon
    “Nothing” mumbled Josh and me in unison
    At home time
    “Josh why aren’t you going?” Shane enquired
    “Ya why” I asked
    Ok because ye won’t stop annoying asking me. It’s because one of the lads are bullying me”
    “Who” we asked in unison
    “Alan don’t tell anyone”
    Later I rang Martina
    “Hi Martina Josh is getting bullied at soccer” I told her
    “Ok thanks for telling me I’ll sort it out

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