Pollyanna reviewed by Hazel

I read a book called Pollyanna. I loved it. It was written by Eleanor H Porter. The main people are Pollyanna Mrs Polly and Nancy. This book would be very good for children. It was made a long time ago and its a children classic.

Pollyanna makes a lot of friends when she is going around the streets,  Pollyanna has to go and live with her aunt Polly. Pollyanna also has to live with a girl called Nancy. Pollyanna has to sleep in the Attic room.

Read this book to find out what goes on next? And find out about the glad game.I would give it 10/10. I loved it because Pollyanna loves her aunt Polly because she is now called dear by her aunt Polly.


Meet The Kreeps Reviewed by Gráinne Philips

I bought a book called Meet the Kreeps in the book fair at school.

Meet the Kreeps is a book about this family that are really creepy. The main characters of the story are Polly, Mr Wally, Winkler, Mike, Veronica, Vincent, Demon and Esmerelda. Veronica, Vincent, Demon and Esmeralda are all a family. Polly is trying to find her mum. But one thing is getting in the way and that is Veronica

What do you think will happen next? What will Veronica do next?


Farm Boy reviewed by Shane and Josh

Farm boy is written by Michael Morpurgo and illustrated by Michael Foreman. Its a sequel to war horse which was a best seller! We got this book from the book fair. The charters are: Harry Medlicott, Grandpa, Father (Corporal) Horses names Zoey and Joey, and the boy.

In the story Grandpas dad had a bet with Harry and the bet was who could plough the most furrows. If Corporal won he would get Harry’s green fordson tractor and if Harry won he would get 100 bales of hay. We rate this book 10/10 because it makes you want to read on!


Diamond reviewed by Ilana and Elise Phillips

We read a book recently called Diamond by a world class author Jacqueline Wilson.

Diamond wasn’t always a star. She was born into the penniless Potts family, with six brothers and sister and a dad that is never home. When tragedy strikes the Potts, Diamond is left to blame!!

When she’s discovers she has am extraordinary talent for acrobatics. She is forced to perform on the street for money. A mysterious customer spots her. She is sold to the man by her father for five guineas!!! Read on to find out what she is forced to do…. Will she ever see her beloved family again?


Four Children And It reviewed by Erin and Michelle

We read a book a lately called Four Children and It. This book is written by the bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson.

In this book the main characters are Rosalind, Robbie, Smash, Maudie and Psammead. On a trip to Oxshott woods, these four children find something in the sandpit that will change their lives forever. From going to a Workhouse to singing in the O2 Arena this is an ingenious and heartwarming book.

We give this book 10 out 10 because it really makes your wishes come true.



Horrible Histories Tudors Reviewed by Jack and Dylan

Author: Terry Deary                                                                                                         Illustrater: Dave Smith.

Score: We gave it 10/10 because it is very violent, We really enjoyed it.

Setting: The Tudors lived around the 5th century.

Best bits: There are three brains at the start. A normal brain {medium} a history teacher’s brain {tiny} and a horrible histories brain {giant}. Henry VIII had six wives there is a rhyme it goes like this Divorced Behead and Died Divorced Behead survived. Bloody Mary was a Tudor that killed a lot of people. Then she married king Phillip of Spain but he never liked her that much. After a while she died. King Phillip used to wear tights. Would you like to live in Tudor times?


Skulduggery Pleasant Reviewed ByOisan Phillips

During the book fair I read Skulduggery Pleasant. This book is written by Derek Landy. Skulduggery is a detective, warrior, magician and also dead. The main characters are Skulduggery Pleasant, Stephanie Edgley [his sidekick], Tanith Low and Serpine. Stephanie Edgleys Uncle Gordon was murdered but who murdered him? How will he defeat Serpine and his army of hollow men? The minor characters are Ghastly, The Elders, China and MrBliss.

I rate Skulduggery Pleasant 10/10 because it mysterious and makes you keep turning the page.


Teen Beach Movie rewieved by Danielle 

I read Teen Beach Movie and I thought it was very good. The main characters are Mack and Brady.  One day Mack has to go away with her Aunty.Her Aunty wants to take her to another school and she had to break up with her boyfriend Brady but somehow they end up in a 1960s movie that Brady watched but doesnt know how to get out of the movie and in some parts they mess the movie up.

I would give this book a10 out of 10 because it is a magical story.  Some parts are sad like when Mack’s Mum dies but it is a very good story.

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  1. Elise and Ilana says:

    We think teen beach movie was a wonderful book review by Danielle

  2. Erin and Oisin Phillips says:

    Farm Boy sounds like a really good book I would love to read it!

  3. Erin and Oisin Phillips says:

    This sounds a great book by Elise and Ilana Phillips I can’t wait to read it!!

  4. dylan says:

    I really loved farm boy Josh and Shane did great work on it.

  5. Josh Carney says:

    Great book review oisin!!!!!

  6. Jack Kilroy says:

    Great review Oisin I would love to read it

  7. Danielle says:

    I think ‘Diamond’ sounds like a great book to read reviewed by Ilana & Elise. I would love to read it myself…:)

  8. Danielle says:

    I thought ‘Four Children And It’ sounded like a great book reviewed by Erin & Michelle…:)

  9. Shane o c says:

    Great book review Jack and Dylan love to read it

  10. Michelle says:

    Really enjoyed your book review Danielle would love to read it!!!:)

  11. Hazel says:

    I think Danielle did a good book review on Teen beach movie.

  12. Danielle says:

    Great review Hazel…;];]

  13. Oisín says:

    brilliant book review Josh & Shane

  14. Gràine says:

    Great book review Ilana and Elise

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